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26 October 2011

Open Microsoft OneNote urls from Freemind (workaround)

Freemind doesn't support custom uri protocols. Because OneNote links begin onenote://, it's not possible to create a link to a OneNote page from Freemind.

There is a (somewhat painful) workaround though:

  • Create a directory that will hold intermediate files
  • In Onenote, right-click on the section or page that you want to link to and click the "copy hyperlink" option.
  • In the directory with the intermediate files, right-click and select New > Shortcut
  • Paste the OneNote hyperlink and click Next
  • Choose a meaningful name and save the shortcut.
  • In Freemind, make a link to a file (ctrl+shift+K), choose "all files" to see the shortcut, and select the shortcut you just created in the intermediate files directory.

1 comment:

TigerOne said...

In Freemind:
go to File>Export>as HTML
This should open as a page in your web browser (I use Chrome)
CTRL-A (to Select All), Right-Click COPY
Open a blank page in OneNote
Right-Click Paste

It pastes the Mindmap from Freemind into OneNote.
It is collapsible as a OneNote Outline AND draggable by the OneNote Outline 'handles' ... the little "Plus" to the left of each line.