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Ema Personal Wiki - Android app manual

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Editing and creating pages

When you start the application, the default Home page is shown.
Touch the “Edit” button and replace the default text to create your own homepage.  You can use Markdown to format text. This is quite intuitive.
A very short Markdown syntax overview:
A new paragraph starts by entering two blank lines.
To force a linebreak within a paragraph, enter two spaces after the  line where you want the linebreak to occur.
For italic text, use *italic*. For bold text, use **bold**.
For headings, start the line with # or ## (or ### (or ####))
For bulleted lists, start with an empty line and enter each item on the list with a * or – in front of it.
You can create a link to a new or existing page by surrounding a word with curly brackets, like this: {Todo}, or by using a wikiword, which is a word with mixed casing, like this: TodoAtWork.
If you click this link, the wiki will jump to a page with the name of this link (Todo or TodoAtWork in this case) and automatically create a new page if it does not exist.
You can create checkboxes by entering [ ] in the text. This will create checkboxes which you can tick if you feel like it.


Ema Personal Wiki synchronizes its  pages to Dropbox. This has three advantages:
  • You can view and edit the wiki pages on a desktop computer and synchronize those changes back to yourAndroid device
  • You always have access to your data online (in a rudimentary form)
  • Dropbox provides automatic versioning to your files. Accidental overwrites can be undone  and historical data be recalled by reviewing the history of a file on the Dropbox website.
Storage with Dropbox is free for the first 2GB. ThePersonal Wiki files will only take KB’s (you could probably store about 1000000 pages).
To synchronize, enter your Dropbox login details in the settings screen via Menu > Sync Settings.
In this screen you can also control the synchronization frequency. If you want to save bandwidth, you can turn off the automatic synchronization batches and synchronize manually with the Sync button.


The option “Pages” in the menu will open a list of all pages in thiwiki. You can delete pages by long-pressing a page name and choosing “Delete”. To add a new page, press “Add page”.


There is a Windows desktop application as well.
In case you have any further questions or remarks, please contact me atema@janwillemboer.nl.


Anonymous said...

Hi, i try EMA on Droid, but dropbox syncronization not working...any idea. thx your answer

Unknown said...

You have to login again maybe? Go to Sync settings and press Login. I can't exactly tell from the short description you are giving here.

Anonymous said...

Need to create "PersonalWiki" folder in the root of Dropbox to avoid synchronization error.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the cool wiki app on android and Windows machine.

Sync is not working for me either. For both scheduled sync's and manual via sync button press, I always get "There was a syncronization error." My dropox app works fine outside of Ema between my pc and android phone. I have gone to the sync settings menu, pressed login, and the Allow button. Still get same error. Phone is a t-mobile mytouch 4g slide with Android 2.3.4. Also created PersonalWiki folder in dropox root as previous poster suggests, but still get sync errors. Thanks for any help.

Boz Orwell said...

I have been messing with Ema for a week with no success until I added that PersonalFolder to my dropbox account. Thanks for saving me so much time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jan Willem, for this nice software! Would it be possible to implement an encryption feature? I don't like to have all my notes and thoughts on dropbox without encryption. (I know that dropbox says that all the data is automatically encrypted on their servers, but I would feel better having this under my own control.)

Unknown said...

@Anonymous. Good idea. Will add it to the list. Not short term though.

Laura said...

Ema seems like a perfect app for my needs, except I miss having the Danish letters æøå visible out side editing mode. Can I do something to make them show correctly ?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your app! Really.

My small wishlist:

1. Copy and paste shortcuts (I use a Bluetooth keyboard).

2. Search, or making the app searcheable through the Google Search app.

3. Password option.

Anonymous said...

This is a great app, but I have one qestion. How do I search within the Android app? I don't see an icon for this and clicking my phone's search button didn't do anything. If this is not possible, I highly suggest an update allowing for searching within the app. The only reason I have the app synced to my phone is for searching through my wiki.

Anonymous said...

Although this is an excellent application I am experiencing trouble synching. When I attempt to delete a wiki page in ema it fails. If I use dropbox it works until I run ema again. All the deleted files reappear in dropbox. I have tried clearing out the ema dbs via settings/applications but it still insists that the files exist.

Anonymous said...

I have an enhancement request:

When I'm in edit mode of a page, I can see only 4 lines of the page. The rest is hidden my the keyboard, the save button, the page title, the application name and the android notification bar.

Now I would like to see more of the text I'm editing and I propose to remove the save button and replace it with a menu (use of menu button) to save the text. Maybe you can add the delete operation to this menu too?

Thank you for your great application!

Anonymous said...

search option and files at folders and this will be a winning one!!!!will even pay to have it...

Anonymous said...

Can I add picture.copy-paste in android version, or any other way..?

Anonymous said...

I use and love ema on an adroid. I want to insert an image. The file is in the directory /Root/sdcard/PersonalWiki/img.JPG

I have tried every combination of path name without success. Any suggestions?


Setiawan said...

Man, this thing is so cool. Will have a hard time finding an equal alternative to this wiki app.

Anonymous said...

Would be great to have table support like:

| Col1 | Col2 |
| ---- | ---- |
| Text | Text |

Unknown said...

Hi, i have attached some images to my wiki on Windows, but can't see them on my Android
any ideas anyone?


Kenneth said...

I had it working nicely on my old phone, and PC.
I am trying to get it up and running on my 'newer' Android,
but I cannot figure out where to put the PersonalWiki folder.
- or I found the folder but dont know how to setup the ema wiki,
to use that folder to look for wiki pages..

someone outthere must know ;-)