Feel like a geek and get yourself Ema Personal Wiki for Android and Windows

24 September 2010

Ema Personal Wiki for Android (and Windows)

Ema Personal Wiki Ema Personal Wiki is a notebook with linkable pages for tracking your ideas, information, todo lists, tasks, bookmarks, projects, notes, brainstorms - in short, your life - in the most flexible way. It has two versions: an Android and a Windows version, which are synchronized with your Dropbox account.

Create pages with information, and link these pages by simply using a WikiWord on another page or surrounding a word with curly brackets. This keeps you completely in charge of how you want to organize your personal notebook.

Get yourself a wiki and feel like a geek.

Download and install

The installer for the Windows version: download link. It is free and open source.
The source can be found on github.

The Android version can be downloaded from the Android Market. Search for "Ema" to find it, or click this link (Android only), or use the QR code on the right.


See the Android app manual for screenshots and features for the Android version.
See the Windows application manual for screenshots and features for the Windows version.


Erik I said...

This sounds like a great idea! Any plans for a 1.6 or at least 2.1 version? (htc hero is stuck on 2.1)

Unknown said...

I did create a 2.1 version, but it had problems with rendering the Markdown syntax. I am using the mardownj library, but there is apparently a difference in regex Pattern parsing between Android 2.2 and 2.1.

Ian said...

Hi, I'd love to use this. I have a new phone running Android 2.2. Will it work on that, given what you said about 2.1?

Also my evil work won't allow me to install a Windows client. So I was wondering if I could sync my markdown text files with a web server and install a web based markdown wiki to edit online. E.g. DocuWiki
What directory structure (if any) is used by Ema?


Unknown said...

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your comment.

Ema Personal wiki was developed for Android 2.2, so that should not be a problem.

If you have .NET 3.5 installed, I can send you the files for the windows client without installer. It may work :)

The wiki files are available in 1 directory and synchronized via Dropbox. The wiki uses Markdown, but has some custom extensions for the checkboxes and for the links, so it would not be fully functional if you would read the files with a different reader.

Jan Willem

Steve said...


I've got a 5 separate wiki's that I've built up over time in wikidpad and I would love to be able to edit them on my android phone.

I've worked out how to covert all the .wiki files to .txt and have been able to then open them and use them via Ema for windows. However I would still like to be able to edit them with wikidpad when on Windows/.., without copying things back and forth all the time.

Anyway that I would be able to pick set directories/starting files via Ema rather than having to lump everything all together.


Vincent said...

Great Idea !

I think it will be very nice to have a wysiwig interface so my wife can edit notes too ;-)

And a webserver version can be very usefull too !

Thx !

Unknown said...

@Steve: Managing the storage in subdirectories is not a planned feature, sorry.

@Clowny: I agree! This is on my own list too, but I am afraid it is not on top of the list.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying out your wiki. 2 questions:
- How can I put in links to jump to an anchor inside a page? I want to use it as a diary and be able to jump to a specific day inside a page (for a month).
- Which tags can be formatted in the stylesheet (in the desktop version) and how is it edited in the android version?

Gabriel said...

Hello, I would love to use this. The problem is that my country of residence is not on Googles market white list - we can't buy apps using the market application. Is there any other posibility for me to buy the android version?

Peter Prevos said...

Love this wiki. I have transported most of my Zim content (Ubuntu) to Ema. Are you planning to implement printing or export options. Export to html would be nice.


Unknown said...

@Gabriel Ema Personal Wiki is currently only available on the Market.

@Peter Nice ideas, I will put them on my list.

J said...

So excited to use this! Unfortunately my phone is frozen with 2.1. :-( Any chance you'll release a 2.1 version soon? Even with Markdown off for starters?

Ondrej said...

Is it possible to change the font used in the "Edit Page" dialog? For me, the default font is not very convenient, I would prefer larger letters :-).

Unknown said...

@Ondrej I can make the font configurable. I suppose it is for the .NET version?

Thank you for the nice comment about Ema on your blog BTW!

Anonymous said...

Hello, fantastic software. I have switched from an iphone where I used to use TrunkNotes. I personally think ema personal wiki is even better but I am really missing one feature.

On TrunkNotes you can turn on hosting from the iphone and browse and edit the wiki using a browser. I use windows, os x and linux and would love to be able to browse and edit my personal wiki from any machine on my local network.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a nice idea. I am not sure if it will make it into the product though.

Brian said...

Bought the application, works great! I like being able to connect my Android phone, setup file connection to the /PersonalWiki folder on the phone, and use my laptop to cut and paste in notes. Works great.

One request for an improvement - a "global search" function. Ideally hit the search key in the app, get a dialog box, and find either (a) text on the current page, or (b) all pages with that text in it.

Thanks for a great program!

Brian said...

Bought the program and really like it - very useful. I use the PC based version to edit the phone files over the USB connection (I'm paranoid of the CLOUD for some of my data). Works like a champ!

One recommendation for an improvement: A global search function. When you hit the search button, type in a search value, and all pages with that value are shown. If a page is selected, that page is displayed with the search value highlighted.

THanks for a great program!

Anonymous said...

For those of you who have come from Trunk Notes on the iPhone, how did you convert all of your pages to work correctly on Ema?

HFL said...

I have used this for todo/log notes, mainly because it is available on *both* android and pc/windows, using dropbox for sync.

However, I have encountered these problems:
0. code page mess (accented and danish chararacters (æøåÆØÅ) are not the same using the Ema Personal Wiki editor as Notepad(pc) or FileEdit(android))
0. file size problem (EMA editor truncates file when large). Possibly you could use Dropbox editor(android) instead? This works.
0. sync. problem. Android EMA seems to insist on *u/l* version at sync, even though pc version was changed (???); should respect Dropbox rules (which I've verified to work)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great app.

Will support multi-byte characters available?

In Android
When a multibyte character title, article title is garbled.

When I create a multi-byte characters in the name of the article titles on a PC, does not appear in the article Android.

dmych said...

About markdown library and android version. There is another app which is render markdown - Flick Note. And it works great on my htc hero with android 2.1. Why you don't communicate its author asking what lib is he using and make Ema Wiki available on 2.1 as well?

inhumanbean said...

Will this run on mono runtime? Would love to run this on linux.

Anonymous said...

1) Refuses to launch on Windows 7.
"EmaPersonalWiki has stopped working"

Problem signature:System.UnauthorizedAccess.

2) Would be nice if it could be compatible with TrunkNotes, and thus works as the PC/Android client. (Requires some adjustments in how it treats WikiWords and what directories it accesses.)

Anonymous said...

On first install tot windows it runs fine; but it will not start I just get a "Ema personal WIKI has stopped working"...
If I run the installer again the it will run again, but fails on further tries.

Anonymous said...

EMA will work on Windows 7. You have to grant access permissions to the folder.

erolk7 said...

Hi Jan Willem,
I'm really loving the app so far.
I've noticed one problem, when I insert a % symbol, it causes problems on my Android 2.3 device. Seems to work fine on the windows desktop. Anything you might be able to do?

Anonymous said...

Found the issue with the Win 7 - downloaded the source and the icon files are missing, so copied them from the android version, had to create a few of them, re-built it and it all works fine...

Andrew said...

Absolutely terrific app -- please keep it up! I started using it on my Gingerbread phone combined with my desktop, and it's great. Much better than anything else out there, for sure.

One feature I would love to see: basic stylesheet support -- let me create a style.css file if I feel like customizing the output. But that's it. Brilliantly simple and clean!

BerBon said...

Works great on my HTC Desire S with android 2.3 and on my home desktop PC.
But I have got a problem on my work laptop where I haven't got admin rights (it runs with windows xp sp3). Ema starts up well, I can edit pages but I can't follow any links. Even existing EPW pages do not open when I click the link.

One other question: Editing the style.css in the windows version is fine way to get a personal styling. Can this be used in the android version? I would like get a personal layout on the phone also.


Anonymous said...

Have been using the Android version for some weeks and just installed the Windows version. Prior to the Windows install I had done some reorganizing of my DropBox.

When the windows version opens, without access to the files, it crashes without any type of message and seemingly no way to fix this

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of Tomboy notes and a Linux user. So here is my problem. Your personal wiki software seems great, but it doesn't support Linux. Could you allow syncing with Tomboy notes somehow? That or create a Linux version of Ema. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I got the Android version, but I'm still getting used to the touch keyboard (it wouldn't be a problem were it not so small). Installed the Windows version on Win7 hoping to be able to use an actual keyboard to edit the pages, and can't get it to work; it gives me the same message it's apparently given others, that it's simply 'stopped working.' I blame Win7, not you or Ema. I'm sure I could figure out how to fix it, but at the moment it's just not that high a priority.

On the Android side of things it's still an excellent app. Since I can't get the Windows Ema to work, I'm just using Notepad to create and edit longer files and then syncing them manually, as it were. Thanks for creating this!

Anonymous said...

+1 for a Linux version

Muzdot said...

Hi: is there a way to do internal links? I search though different Markdown sites and everything I've tried opens a web browser.

Unknown said...

What do you mean by "internal links"? Pages can be addressed with WikiWords or {curly brackets}.

Elkan said...

3 times I have downloaded the windows installer. But after the installer has completed, when I try to run the application I get a ". . . . has stopped working message Window will try to find etc", and that's it. I'm running Windows 7.

Anonymous said...

I just recently got an Android phone and was excited to find your app as I have built up a huge collection of Markdown documents that would be great to access. However, no subdirectories is a HUGE handicap. Is there no consideration at all to add them?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great piece of software. It made me decide to move all my notes from several systems (including BladeWiki on Windows Mobile 5) to Markdown, synchronized by Dropbox.
I was also hit by the "stopped working" issue on Windows 7. My solution was, to assign full access permissions to the group mynotebook\users for the directory C:\Programs\EmaPersonalWiki.

Dave said...

I have all my text files in another folder and a lot of other links in various scripts referring to them. It would be a real pain changing that. Is there an option to point Ema to a different folder than the default one?

Unknown said...

Yes, you can change this in the settings.

Anonymous said...


You do not have a Linux client. Can you recommend one that covers most of the functionality of EMAwiki? I have Android and a Linux desktop. Moving between the two would be much smoother with your help.

Dave said...

"Yes, you can change this in the settings."
When I tap the menu button the only options are pages,sync settings,help and quit. Under sync settings there's no place to specify a home folder. Am I missing something? thanks

Unknown said...

That's for the Windows client, not the Android client, sorry. On Android you can't change it.

Dave said...

any plans to change that or am I out of luck?

Unknown said...

will put it on my list.

Jerry said...

I use MathJax in my Windows Ema wiki pages, which produces warning messages but nevertheless renders without error. On the Android Ema Wiki, it seems that MathJax or any javascript code for that matter does not work. Is there any plans for future versions of the Android Ema Wiki to support javascript?

Oda S. said...

I have been searching all over for the tool for synchronized structured text, and this looks ideal.

I have created a local MarkdownFormatting file based on the Wikipedia markdown quick reference so I don't have to use my browser to see the reference. Let me know if you'd like a copy of the markdown to include with distribution. It was a good test of the markdown implementation. :)

In doing this, I found that the markdown rendering is not quite complete on the Android version. Any punctuation-based markdown doesn't make newlines correctly on the android version though it does on the Windows version. So:

* * *



- - -



* * *********- - ----------------------------------------

It's not making HRs, but it's collapsing the lines together in a code block. Everything else seems to render fine.

Also, I would like to be able to escape curly braces with a backslash, or have them be automatically escaped in code -- that didn't work either; curly braces and CamelCase are both parsed inside code blocks, which is counter-intuitive and might prove a barrier for anyone who wishes to keep code snippets within the wiki.

These are minor issues that don't really interfere the basic behavior of the app much; on the whole I am incredibly pleased. The Windows app is writing right into my Dropbox, and the phone is syncing it just fine. I haven't used it very long yet so I don't know if the battery use will be an issue, but functionality-wise it's great.

I'm another who would love there to be a Linux client. I'm on Windows XP now but plan to upgrade to Linux instead of 7, and this already has the look of a tool I will really miss. :)

I also second the desire for a customized directory on the android. Then I could keep it tidy inside of my Documents/Wiki directory in my dropbox.

Another enhancement would be to make it fully portable and adding it to a collection like portableapps.com -- this would be an ideal app to be able to run entirely out of Dropbox or off of a USB stick. That site has lots of resources for making an app portable, and it would really help anyone who doesn't have control over their computer. They also don't have any wiki packages that are out of alpha/beta there, so it would fill a gap in their lineup.

Yet another enhancement that would make this app absolutely stunning for checklist purposes would be to add markup that supports checkable boxes, plus a menu option that allows you to check/uncheck all items on a page at once. Presto, reusable/syncable packing lists, shopping lists, etc. Maybe use the UL convention but instead of * use @ for a checked box and ! for an unchecked box, at the beginning of the line, and then have the client change those characters accordingly if the box is checked/unchecked in view mode? I don't think that stomps on any established markdown conventions.

Oda S. said...

I need to RTFM before posting -- looking through the manuals I see you have already supported checkboxes! Thank you so much!

Dave said...

It would be nice to be able to have the multi word file names saved with spaces instead of underscores (as I have many files I'd like to add to this system that have spaces in the name)

Is this currently possible (or reasonable for wish list)? (on android)

Unknown said...

You already can, actually. Use braces and %20 to enter a space in the link, like this: {Some%20Text}.

Dave said...

Hi, thanks, I tried that, but e.g. {some%20text} still saves the file with an underscore as some_text.txt

Unknown said...

oh :(

Anonymous said...

How do you display images on my phones sd card?

Unknown said...

Very good. Congratulations. Please, keep programming it.

Noel said...

Hi. I installed this on a galaxy note. It wont sync with dropbox. Hope you can help. - Noel

Unknown said...

@Noel: Could you try adding a PersonalWiki folder to your dropbox? Should be done automatically, but sometimes fails.

CPM said...

Danke für diese Programm. Genau was ich immer gesucht habe. Bitte eine Version ohne Installer für Windows, sonst kann ich es nicht auf meinem arbeits laptop verwenden.

Unknown said...

@CPM If you email me your details, I can send you the files without the installer

Alexander Gehrer said...

Nice software, I find it in the actually ct.
But i had to create the folder "PersonalWiki" in the dropbox by hand because of "Syncing Problems"

Anonymous said...

very promising, especially the sync with android via Dropbox.

I think I found 2 issues

1. Programm crashes on start, if I don't start as Administator

2. Can't drag and drop pictures into the Edit Page

bugs or features ?

Anonymous said...

very promising, especially the sync with android via Dropbox.

I think I found 2 issues

1. Programm crashes on start, if I don't start as Administator

2. Can't drag and drop pictures into the Edit Page

bugs or features ?

Unknown said...

@anonymous: could have to do with the UAC. If you turn off Windows UAC, the drag-and-drop feature probably works.

Anonymous said...

I turned off UAC,
draged jpg from explorer, tried to drop in EMA. no success.

Unknown said...

As a bad alternative, you could manually add the image:
- copy it to the PersonalWiki folder in your dropbox
- add a markdown image link with "emafile:" in front of it, like so: ![random text](emafile:imagename.jpg)

sorry for the inconvenience.

Anonymous said...

I have downloaded the source, compiled it with VS2010 Express,
I could start in both the debugger and as release,
1. no problems doing this as ordinary user.
2. Drop worked !

I am perfectly happy. Again, thanks for you work. I will check your blog regularily ...

Ramin said...

I had crashes when starting the Windows Version of Ema Personal Wiki 1.6 since it couldn't write its logfile to
"c:\Program Files (x86)\EmaPersonalWiki\ema.log"

After giving the app write acces to this file, everything works fine. Please consider writing the log file to a directory other than programfiles (eg. %ALLUSERPROFILE%).

Also have a look at http://wikidpad.sourceforge.net/ for some ideas.

Ben C. said...

The application needs a search function in Android,too!

Anonymous said...

Nice kind of software.
I use it under XP and I like to know wether it is possible to run Ema from a Stick?

Unknown said...

@anonymous: you have to have .NET 3.5 installed; I think you can just copy the files from the installer (open with 7zip) to the stick.

Uwe said...

Great App! But it would be even better to have an iPhone app also and the possibility to put the Wiki on a webdav account.

Krovak said...

Hello, looks this app great. But...
Is there any possibility to make it run on linux (ubuntu)? I tried it under Wine, but there is problem with installing dot net 3.5. DotNet2.0 SP1 works fine, but it doesn't seem to be sufficient.
And second - is it correct to create tables in html markup isn't there any easier way?

Anonymous said...

A very nice app, but I find the linking options (I guess this is the "Wiki" part) to be something I don't actually need.

I just want a way to create text based notes and keep them synced to my Dropbox account.

While Ema Personal Wiki does allow for this, I find some of the lighter weight apps in the market like Epistle or Denote more fitting for my needs.

Unknown said...

@anonymous: feel free to use another app ;)

Anonymous said...


thx for great app! Finally I have a chance to share my personal data with my Android.

Is there any e-mail where I could send the list of bugs I found out?

Thank you

Unknown said...

You can email me at the email address provided in the app info (see the market description)

Dave said...

How do I set Ema as the default app to open text files with on android (gingerbread)? When I clear the defaults from the current text editor, Ema is not listed as an option to set as default.

Marco P. said...

Runs in my Win 7 machine, but my XP box (SP3) gets a "EmaPersonalWiki has ecountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience"

I have no other crashes on that box. Was wondering if it might be missing libraries? Might it be something to do with Visual C# runtimes or something? Bit lost atm.

Anonymous said...

great app, i like it.

only one thing what i need:
change file extension txt to other ;) in settings

Anonymous said...

Great App!
Thanks a lot!

Nice to have:

1. multiple "HOME" wikis eg. Work, Personal, Engine construction... stored in separated subfolders for easier share with diferent groups of peoples... basically just switch working folder

2.Add localy stored image(or link to local file) Files should be copied into subfolder where the text files are stored... so if you copy whole folder
to another android(or synchronize) all works fine.

Keep it up!

Jan V.

Anonymous said...

I like this app! Just one gripe, the giant "Save" button during editing plus the software keyboard obscures 80% of the screen. If you just remove the "save" button then it becomes one of the best Markdown editors for Android or iOS.

Jeff Schallenberg said...

The Android app doesn't display accented characters correctly (éàûç), and yet the Windows program displays them perfectly.

Any way of fixing this?

Anonymous said...

Runs on Windows 8, but doesn't autodetect DropBox on first run. Works fine after manually setting DropBox folder.

Great for shopping lists and quick notes.

Thanks! - UnklAdM

Anonymous said...

I have installed ema on 2 android devices, one of them, SGS2 (Android 3.1), displays öäüÄÖÜ (german umlaut) correctly (I think, the first time, this device did not display those chracters correctly either, but now it works),

an acer a200 (android 4) does not, Edit ok "Umlaute äöüÄÖÜ", but when rendered, something like "Umlaute äöüÄÖÜ" is displayed,
any ideas ?

Anonymous said...


I use EMA since at least 1 year via Windows and Android - I love it and it syncs with dropbox perfectly.

Now I am switching to Ubuntu. Can someone provide me with an easy install/compile instruction to use it in Linux systems - if it is possible?


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

Sorry, I accidentally removed the last reaction. The question was: is there a portable version? Answer: no. The application is built on the .NET platform, which is hard to make portable at the moment.

Unknown said...

There is no linux version.

Unknown said...

The bug with the special characters has been solved in the latest version.

Rob said...

Beste Jan Willen,

Ik gebruik de app Tasker om bestanden en tekst in de locatie van de Personal Wiki op SD te schrijven.
Daarbij voeg ik een link toe aan een bestaande pagina en een nieuwe pagina met een google maps link en png van de huidige locatie.

Nu worden de wijzigingen netjes toegevoegd en gesynchroniseerd maar de toegevoegde .png file wordt ogenschijnlijk niet via Dropbox gesynchroniseerd. Het lijkt of EMA deze niet meeneemt in zijn synchronisatie.

Heb je enig idee wat dat kan zijn.
Als ik met de hand de .png files overhaal naar de PC/Dropbox laat EMA op de PC ze correct zien.

Groet, Rob

Unknown said...

Dag Rob,

De Android versie synchroniseert inderdaad alleen de .txt bestanden in de map. Een domme workaround die mogelijk wel werkt is om de png bestanden te hernoemen naar .txt.

Leuk idee trouwens, automatisch de wiki bijwerken met Tasker.


Rob said...

Jan Willem,

Bedankt voor de tip, ik plaats gewoon achter de .png de extensie .txt en nu gaat het goed. Ik vind het een goede workaround voor mij.
Groet, Rob

Rob said...

Jan Willem,

Vanaf vandaag ondervindt ik steeds de volgende fout op mijn Android toestel;
There was a synchronization error.
org.json.JSONexception: End of input at character 0 of
Ik heb al van alles geprobeerd maar het blijft terugkomen.
Laatste wijzigingen ongedaan gemaakt etc.
He jij misschien enig idee waar ik het in kan zoeken.

Groet, Rob

Unknown said...

Dag Rob, je kunt daarvoor het bestand sync-metadata-v2.json weggooien in de directory PersonalWiki op je SD kaart. Daarna gaat hij wel alles opnieuw synchroniseren

Rob said...

Jan Willem,

Enorm bedankt, hij doet het weer.
Super dat je zo snel kon reageren en precies wist wat nodig was.

Groet, Rob

Rob said...

Jan Willem,

Nog een vraagje, kan ik EMA op mijn Android toestel starten en een bestand meegeven als argument zodat hij dat bestand oproept in plaats van het home.txt bestand.

Groet, Rob

Unknown said...

Op dit moment kan dat alleen in de Windows versie.

Deb said...

I just wrote up some notes on the jQuery library that included code examples. When I looked at them via the PC app, I realized that all the curly braces from the code had disappeared and the material within the curly braces had turned into a wiki link. Is there anyway to escape or disable the use of curly braces as meta characters for the wiki?

Unknown said...

Prefix the curly braces with a ~

Florian said...

Looks and works pretty good! Though a search feature would make it really awesome and page tags would make it perfect! :D

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot for your wiki !!

One question: do you plan to establish a global search function ?? If yes – when ?

For small wikis it will work without, with hundreds of pages it’s getting difficult …

Yours Sincerely


PJ said...

What about the option to use an external editor? To use search / replace functionality.

Another nice feature would be inline editing like others wikis....

Duco Mansvelder LL.M said...

Hi @PJ, i use ultraedit with the .txt files that are produced with emawiki. So you can use an external editor

Duco Mansvelder LL.M said...

Hi JWB, nice work. Untill now i used zulupad. That is not enabled for android so i want to switch. A nice enhancement for Emawiki should be a button to make a word a link. This button will in fact place curly brackets around the "word"

yam655 said...

The Android app doesn't recognize deletes from the desktop (or the Dropbox website) and insists on recreating pages which should be deleted.

Worse, still, apparently I created a conflict. A dropbox conflict results in a file named, like: 'filename (hostname's conflicted copy 2012-09-15).txt' -- The obvious problem with this is simple: the filename contains characters which are converted to other characters for Ema-created files. This conversion is probably still happening because you cannot delete the files formatted like this from within Ema. (And Ema will recreate it if it is deleted elsewhere.)

The lack of directory support is annoying. I'm working on larger projects using Markdown and the only way to keep them isolated from each other is to use different Android applications for them.

Overall, I like the apps. I do wish the markup supported some of the extensions used by pandoc, and I wish the links were more directly compatible with Ikiwiki (another Markdown-based wiki system), but it is nice.

Anonymous said...

When i try to use this to share notes between my PC and tablet. The tablet will always overwrite the updated PC version (both on app launch and by pressing the synch button). Sadly this makes it useless for my purpouse.
In all other aspects it seems to work fine on my Asus Infinity.

Anonymous said...

What is the Best way to insert Codetags? i tried `, ~ and

Whats the best way to show php code like:


$url = "google";
$domain = ".de";

echo " die Homepage lautet ". $url . $domain;


Julio said...


Congrats! EMA is a very interesting app. I am already trying it.

But most of the time I work on portable software in my USB.

Have you considered to make a portable version of EMA or let the developers in http://portableapps.com portabilize it?

Julio said...


EAM is such an interesting app. I am already trying it and it seems to wrork very nice.

Have you considered of making a portable version or letting theu guys in http://portableapps.com/ do one?

Regards, Julio

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the Apps (Android & Win).

This syntax is working in Win but not in Android App:
This working in both App
But this syntax don't do bold and bigger font.

This syntax is working in both App with bold and bigger font:
###Sample {Notes_Sample}

Is it bug or feature?
I would like to use the first one, because that one hide the page name. Is it possible somehow?

Android version 2.3.7


Stormproof said...

Just discovered this, perfect for my work.
I use it on HTC Desire S, so a good size screen.
When I'm viewing the saved page, I can swipe down and it keeps on rolling. I can get to the end of even a long document quickly.
However if I'm working on that long document, it takes a long time to get to the bottom because when I swipe down it doesn't keep on rolling.

Anything you can suggest?

Stormproof said...

Hi, good to read through the blog so far, very informative.
One question. I can't figure out how to change the title of a page.
One suggestion. Fast scroll works in read more but not in edit mode. It would be useful to have that facility in edit mode as it takes a while to get to the end of a long document.
Many thanks for an excellent app.

Unknown said...

Great App.. Been using it for a few months now. The on thing I wish was there is support for Tables.

אורן said...

Thanks for the useful app! is there any way to write pages in right-to-left languages such as Hebrew?

Mike 998 said...

Is it possible to get the Windows version download link fixed. I've set up on my tablet and It'd be nice to edit stuff on my PC, too.a

Unknown said...

Sorry, I fixed the link.

Anonymous said...

Dear Author of EMA
Your personal wiki is BRILLIANT!
I love it.
One urgent thing though: I did not find any "cancel" (avoid saving) option when leaving a page. This is a very important feature.
Can you please tell me how to do this or say whether you coud add it soon?
Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!
Regards Pierre

Rob G said...

I'm seeing a number of questions about including images on the Android, but the only response I can find is in this blog about inserting ![random text](emafile:imagefilename.jpg), or something along those lines, and I suspect that's responding to a question about the Windows version. So I have a couple questions:

1 - Is it possible to insert images in the Android version? I'm not really seeing a response to that question.

2 - Is there a syntax reference available, other than the Markdown article found on WikiPedia?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic app, well done. Is perfect for saving ideas for recall on android or PC. Only problem was syncing pictures from android to PC. I think the it must be looking at the original time stamp as it does not appear in the online drop box when added on the android...but like it..cheers

Kaleaon said...

Any plans for an iPhone version? Friends and I found out we can work on projects great with this, but there's no way to do it on iPhone.

Unknown said...

I am unable to see the menu button on my new Samsung tab 4. On ornery device it is online with my soft keys, but the tab does not have those on screen. How can I access the menu?

Unknown said...

Are you planning on developing the old a app anymore? I ask as I like using it but recently moved to a new device and can not acres the menu in the app on the new device. The entire section at the bottom is not visible.

Unknown said...

There is a newer version in Beta. Search for 'ema personal wiki' in the app store.