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Ema Personal Wiki - Windows application manual

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You are allowed to install and use the Windows version of Ema Personal Wiki for free. Also, feel free to  donate some money via PayPal if you like the application, but no pressure. With one exception: if you are a Nigerian prince, you must pay me a million dollars.
But anyway, you can download the installer with this download link.

Editing and creating pages

When you start the application, the default Home page is shown.
Click the “Edit” button and replace the default text to create your own homepage.  You can useMarkdown to format text. This is quite intuitive, so you basically can enter the text you like.
A very short Markdown syntax overview:
For italic text, use *italic*. For bold text, use **bold**.
To force a linebreak, enter two spaces after the last line.
For headings, start the line with # or ## (or ### (or ####))
For bulleted lists, start with an empty line and enter each item on the list with a * or – in front of it.
You can create a link to a new or existing page by surrounding a word with curly brackets, like this: {Todo}, or by using a wikiword, which is a word with mixed casing, like this: TodoAtWork,  or by manually using the Markdown syntax to create a link to a page like this: [link description](ema:PageName).
If you click this link, the wiki will jump to a page with the name of this link (Todo or TodoAtWork in this case) and automatically create a new page if it does not exist.
You can create checkboxes by entering [ ] in the text. This will create checkboxes which you can tick if you feel like it.

Images and links

You can add images and files to thwiki by drag-and-drop. Drag your file into the Edit window while you’re editing a page, and the application will copy this file to the PersonalWiki directory and create a link in the edit window. In case it is a picture, it will create an image link, which will be shown embedded into the page.
To avoid name conflicts, the files in the wiki directory will be renamed and prefixed by the page name.


Ema Personal Wiki synchronizes its  pages to Dropbox. This has three advantages:
  • You can view and edit the wiki pages on a desktop computer and synchronize those changes back to your Android device
  • You always have access to your data online (in a rudimentary form)
  • Dropbox provides automatic versioning to your files. Accidental overwrites can be undone  and historical data be recalled by reviewing the history of a file on the Dropbox website.
Storage with Dropbox is free for the first 2GB. The Personal Wiki files will only take KB’s (you could probably store about 1000000 pages).
To synchronize the pages with Dropbox, do the following.
  • Install Dropbox on your computer, or skip that if you have it already installed.
  • If you have never started Ema Personal Wiki, it will automatically discover your Dropbox folder and create a directory in it called “PersonalWiki” to synchronize the pages.
  • If you have started Ema Personal Wiki before and created a custom location, you should change the location:
    • Click menu File > Settings
    • Next to the PersonalWiki files path setting, click the button labeled “Reset”.
    • Ema Personal Wiki now asks if it should try to locate the Dropbox directory, click Yes.
    • It will now automatically find the Dropbox directory.
    • Move any files that were already created by Ema Personal Wiki from the previous location to the new location in the Dropbox folder.
    • Close the settings screen and click the “Home” button to show the home page.

Search and delete

Enter a search query on the main form to search in all pages. Results will be ordered by relevance.
You can delete pages by choosing “Delete page” in the “Wiki” menu.


There is also an Android app to view and edit your Personal Wiki on your Android 2.2. device.
In case you have any further questions or remarks, please contact me at ema@janwillemboer.nl.


Sepp said...

Hi, I like the Software and it works well on Android. But on Windows, it works only immediately after installation but not when I call it later. My System: Win7/64 with .net 4. Any idea?

Unknown said...

If you have any error message, please post that, or email me. Emailaddress can be found in the help.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have the same problem as Sepp. 2 PC's Win7 /64
The only message is:
EmaPersonalWiki does not work anymore. Looking for a solution ...
Already any idea?
Thanks Heiner

Unknown said...

I think the new installer fixes the problem.

Abaddon the scrivener said...

I have the Ema Personal Wiki on my Android phone and on my Windows 7 PC, with synchronisation to my Dropbox folder.

Having carried out extensive editing on my PC yesterday, I find today that the editing has sync'd successfully with both my Android and my Dropbox, but all data has been wiped from the PC version

Is there an effective way to re-install the data from the Dropbox (or Android) to the PC without having to copy and paste each page?

Thanks in advance

Unknown said...

@the scrivener, you can see previous versions of wiki pages in you dropbox, but that involves copying and pasting each page.

Unknown said...

@the scrivener, you can see previous versions of wiki pages in you dropbox, but that involves copying and pasting each page.

Abaddon the scrivener said...

:-( Oh, well!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jan, I tried to add images/files as described ("drag&drop it on the edit dialog"). This does not work on my Windows machine. Should this work on Android. If so, how?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Unknown said...

Works on windows only, and I think only with administrator privileges or with UAC turned off, because drag-and-drop is considered an unsafe operation by default.

Anonymous said...

I just started using this for both windows and my android phone. Yesterday everything was working fine on the computer. Last night I synced from my phone, and today when I want to open some pages in Windows, they are blank. But I can see the files with content in the Dropbox folder. I tried resetting the dropbox folder and redoing the page reference, but it still says it's blank. Now when I try it on my phone, it also is blank.

Anonymous said...

Very nice application, thank you!
Any chance of giving the possibility of changing the size of the text? (When viewing it I mean, not the font size)

Gilles Gravier said...


How do I enter a mixed case text (say, the word WiFi) that doesn't automatically turn into a blod blue underscored link that points to a nonexistant doc?


Rob G said...

Just found this app after buying an Android tablet and looking for something to replace Trunk Notes on my iPhone. You're very close, Ema is a really nice app for what I need. Thanks.

As I learn the syntax and the app (the Windows app as well) I used the Help link in the Windows app and it goes to a non-existing page. Not sure where that's at on your to-do list, but for new users like myself that Help link is pretty important :-).

andrewww said...

Hi - I noticed the ".ema-task-finished" style. How can you create a "task" in the editor?