Feel like a geek and get yourself Ema Personal Wiki for Android and Windows

11 July 2011

Ema Personal Wiki is free and open source

From today, Ema Personal Wiki, both the Android and Windows version, is free and open source.

Have fun with it. If you feel like coding, the first priority should be a search function in the android app.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the great app for Android. By far I see only one disadvntage: the wiki works incorrectly with unicode titles. It not only creates ugly file names but also displays theese garbage symbols in page titles and on the "All pages" screen.

Since I'm Russian it's a crtitcal thing for me. So I think I'll try to fix it by changing the algorithm of file name encoding.

If it's intersting for you to incorporate these changes back to your product you can give me your suggestions on how to keep within your style and architecture vision. I mean you probably know the best way to implement such enhancement.

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Well I did it. My release is now capable of storing unicode in titles and I've also allowed spaces in titles.

I'm now thinking of making the markup language more compatible with DokuWiki extentions.

And I need tables. And automatically generated backlinks lists.

Anybody out there interested?


Unknown said...

If you want to share the code, please use the github repository or send it to me so I can upload it.

Anonymous said...

I made a patch regarding Unicode characters in titles. This patch does no harm anyway.

However I have some concerns about my other fixes as they make the product backwards-incompatible (existing wikis will be rendered incorrectly).

Probably I'd provide user settings to switch this new functionality on. OK, I'll think what I could do.

nl (@) gnosefix.com