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26 September 2009

Google Chrome plugin for IE - yet another browser platform

The newly released Google Chrome plugin for IE introduces yet another browser platform to be aware of as web developer. We test our websites on IE, FF, Chrome and maybe Safari. Now a new platform is added to the list: IE with a bit of Chrome.

The Google Chrome Frame developers did their best to make it as unobtrusive as possible. The plugin will only kick in if the Google Chrome Frame tag is present on a webpage. But the tag does not guarantee anything. Maybe the website visitor refuses to install the plugin. Maybe the website visitor uses the opt-in list to force your website to use the plugin, although there is no tag present.

So note to self: don't forget to test the website without the plugin if the Google Chrome Frame tag is used. And don't forget to test the website with the plugin enabled although the website does not include the tag.

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