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23 June 2009

BackLinq quickstart tutorial

Since our clients still only have the .NET framework installed, there is no possibility to use LINQ in our projects.

Enter BackLinq.

BackLinq is a library that introduces the possibility to use Linq in NET 2.0 if you use VS2008 to compile the project.

1. Download the binary from the BackLinq website.
2. Change the target framework of the VS project to .NET 2.0 instead of .NET 3.5
3. Add a reference to BackLinq.dll to the project.

If the project is a C# project, things will now work as always, because BackLinq.dll adds its functionality into the System.Linq namespace.

If the project is a VB.NET project, you have to import the namespace System.Linq in the right places (=see the error pane), or add System.Linq to the Imported namespaces in the project properties.

4. Test the project and observe that azizatif did a good job.

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